Chapter title: The association between religiosity and life satisfaction in seven Arab samples

Authors: Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts Alexandria University, Egypt

Author Biography:

Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek is Professor Emeritus of Psychology in the Faculty of Arts at Alexandria University, Egypt. specializing in personality psychology and psychopathology. His research interests include the factorial study of personality dimensions, personality lexica, cross-cultural comparisons in personality and intelligence, obsession-compulsion, anxiety, child and adolescent depression, optimism and pessimism, religiosity, and happiness, among other topics. He coined the terms and scales of “death obsession” and “love of life.”

Dr. Khalek is the author or co-author of 28 books and the editor of six books written in Arabic. He has developed ten psychological scales and published 415 research papers in both Arab and international periodicals in Arabic and English, as well as 21 chapters in edited books and four articles in English-language encyclopedias. He is the recipient of the State Award in Psychology in Egypt, and four awards and 16 research grants from Kuwait University. His works have been cited over 8000 times according to Google Scholar.