Chapter title: Lost in Transitions: Stressors and Mental Health among International Students in the United States

Author: Katie Koo, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Texas A&M University-Commerce, U.S.

Author Biography:

Katie Koo is an assistant professor of Higher Education at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Her research focuses on underrepresented students’ collegiate experiences, mental health issues, and adjustment, including international students’ psychological well-being. She currently serves on the ACPA College Student Development International Commission for Global Dimensions of Student Development as Faculty-in-Residence and co-chairs the ASHE Annual Convention International Higher Education Session. Dr. Koo is the recipient of the 2020 ACPA Emerging Scholar Award as well as the Chuck Arize Junior Faculty Award of Research and Dedication from Texas A&M University-Commerce for her research on the impact of campus climate and discrimination on the mental health of international students.