Chapter title: What Are We Waiting for? Responding to Student Expectations about Waitlists and Service Accessibility

Author: Janine Robb, RN, MSc.

Affiliation: University of Toronto, Canada

Author: Giovanni Arcuri, OT, MSc

Affiliation: McGill University, Canada

Author: Peter Cornish, Ph.D

Affiliation: Memorial University, Canada

Author: Donald W. Stewart, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Affiliation: University of Manitoba, Canada

Author: Sandra Yuen, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Affiliation: University of Toronto

Author Biographies:

Janine Robb joined the University of Toronto as the Executive Director of Health and Wellness in 2009, which provides primary health care, counselling and psychological services, and health education and promotion to a population of more than 70,000 students. As Director, Janine actively pursues broad health and mental health agenda, leading initiatives that have included campus-wide anti-stigma campaigns and health/mental health education programs for student leaders, staff and faculty. She also leads work aimed at increasing access to health and mental health services through building strategic partnerships and collaborative programming across the campus and with other stakeholders and oversaw the establishment of a Mental Health Advisory Committee that developed a mental health strategy for the University. She is frequently called upon to support efforts to better understand developments in student mental health on university campuses. She has served as President of the Canadian Organization of University College Health (COUCH) and was the first co-chair of the Student Health Community of Practice, Canadian Association College and University Student Services (CACUSS), and as President of the Ontario University and College Health Association (OUCHA). Janine has been involved with the National College Health Assessment survey since 2009, was active in the national uptake in 2013 and saw the University of Toronto centralize their participation in 2016. Her focus is now on a broad national uptake of the Canadian Campus Wellbeing survey.

She is currently the chair of the CSA Technical Committee for the development of the “National Standard for Mental Health and Well-Being for Post-Secondary Students,” a joint project with the Canadian Standards Group and the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Giovanni Arcuri is the Associate Director of Hub Services at McGill’s Student Wellness Hub as well as a course lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science’s School of Physical and Occupational Therapy. Prior to his role at the Hub, Giovanni worked at the McGill University Health Centre as an Occupational Therapist and later as an advisor. Giovanni’s current teaching areas focus on professional practice within healthcare systems, the navigation and continuum of care from primary to quaternary care, as well as the use of assistive technology as a healthcare tool. His research interests and publications have been in the areas of client-and-family-centred care, the use of measurement theory for the development and validation of measurement tools, and best practices in higher education.



Dr. Peter Cornish is an Honorary Research Professor at Memorial University, and the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at the University of California, Berkeley. His clinical and research interests include online mental health, stepped care treatments, mental health service innovations, and interprofessional team functioning. Over the past five years, he has provided consultation and on-site training on his Stepped Care 2.0 model to over 150 organizations across North America. His non-profit company, Stepped Care Solutions, is the lead administrative partner on Wellness Together Canada, a federal COVID-19, $65M mental health program for all peoples of Canada. He is the principal investigator for a $1.14M CIHR transitions-in-care, four-year research grant aimed at digitizing and evaluating Stepped Care 2.0 across four Canadian provinces/territories. He is currently collaborating with colleagues on a three-book series on Stepped Care 2.0 to be published by Springer, with the first in the series available now.



Donald W. Stewart, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, professor, and academic administrator at the University of Manitoba. He has formerly served as the director of an APA- and CPA-accredited internship, and as the director of a training clinic at the University of Manitoba. He is currently the Executive Director, Student Support at the University of Manitoba as well as Vice-Chair of the CPA Committee on Ethics. His research interests include clinical supervision, supervision ethics, and student mental health help-seeking.


Dr. Yuen has over 20 years of experience in post-secondary student mental health as an administrator, manager, program evaluator, and clinical psychologist.  As the Director, Profesional Practice & Quality Assurance, she oversees a team of psychologists and social workers, who are part of a larger interdisciplinary team consisting of primary care and mental health professionals at Health & Wellness, University of Toronto.  Dr. Yuen is actively involved in the program development of clinical services and oversees program evaluation of mental health, primary care, and health promotion.  She is a co-lead of an online consortium focused on best practices in student mental health services (  Her clinical interests are in the provision of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for depression and anxiety disorders, with particular interests in the interpersonal process, attachment, and metacognitive aspects.  She has a private practice and enjoys teaching and supervising clinical psychology and psychiatry residents.