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Title: The association of addictive mukbang watching with mukbang watching motives, emotion regulation, impulsivity, and psychiatric distress
Keywords: Mukbang; Online addictions; Mukbang addiction; Impulsivity; Emotion regulation; Protocol
Authors: Kagan Kircaburan, Andrew Harris, Filipa Calado, Mark D. Griffiths
File: JCD Mukbang Study Protocol
Title: Mental health of Irish students: Self-criticism as a complete mediator in mental health attitudes and caregiver identity
Keywords: Student, mental health, caregiver, identity.
Authors: Yasuhiro Kotera and Geraldine Maughan
File: Mental health of Irish students
Title: A Case Report of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for a Japanese Female Patient Suffering from Migraine
Keywords: cognitive behavioural therapy; migraine; comorbid; psychiatric
Authors: Kenichi Asano and Yasuhiro Kotera
File: MS Clinical Note Japanese Migraine
Title: Study Protocol: A Pilot Study Investigating Mental Health in the UK Police Force
Keywords: Mental health; police; protocol.
Authors: Ann-marie Edwards and Yasuhiro Kotera
File: Protocol Mental Health in UK Police Force
Title: English Translation and Validation of the Ikigai-9 in a UK Sample [Protocol]
Keywords: Ikigai-9, positive health-related outcomes.
Authors: Dean Fido, Yasuhiro Kotera, Kenichi Asano
File: English Translation and Validation of the Ikigai-9 in a UK Sample

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